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Blog post: This is a crisis.

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

What do we do in times of crisis? In times of stress, fear and anxiety? We look for the short term fix! We go to the doctor and get prescribed medication or we’ll go out and get drunk to forget about our problems…at least until tomorrow morning.

But do short term fixes ever really solve the underlying issue? Does the plaster/band aid ever heal the deep wound? Surely being better is preferable to just feeling better?

We experience crisis when we perceive ourselves to be too far away from what we want, or rather, our ‘Present State’ is too far away from our ‘Desired State’ – the bigger the gap, the bigger the emotional crisis, some of which can have some physiological symptoms. We get stuck in a rut and we’re not sure what to do about it. We bury our heads in the sand or rely on short term solutions to make the emotions go away for a little while.

Not knowing how to start making the necessary strides in life can definitely hold us back. As can the desire to stay in the comfort zone, but are we truly being our most effective and valuable selves by simply settling at life? No. But I understand. But it’s just too easy to pick security over freedom, certainty over risk and supposed significance over self-worth and fulfilment.

This is where coaching can help you get from your ‘Present State’ to your ‘Desired State’ by a few simple techniques that help you to clear the blurry vision of the future that you have for yourself. A broad outcome of what we want in life will never motivate us. A clear outcome that has considered all of the necessary resources to get us to our ‘Desired State’ will.

We have to ask ourselves how we want to be remembered. If you could write your own eulogy right now, what would you want it to say? And how close are you to being all of those things right now?

Assuming we live to 80 years old, subtract your current age and multiply that figure by 365. That’s roughly the amount of days you have left to leave an impact on yourself and others around you.

It’s time to make positive changes.

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